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Our must-have service for professionals and homeowners allows you to see any interior before building works start. If you want to make sure that the final result will be exactly what you want, this is precisely where 3D visualisation and rendering come into play. The ability to test designs and move beyond 2D floor plans is as great an asset to architects and designers as it is to their clients.  


  • 3D rendering is a brilliant way to boost your business and attract more clients. It is also an amazing way to upgrade your portfolio.​

  • 3D rendering allows you to improve the interior design process by making it more efficient.

  • Our 3D rendering services make it easier than ever to bring a design to life. It allows you to view and share your design and make changes before you finalise your plans and move on to execution.

  • 3D rendering not only gives you greater confidence in your decisions, it also helps you to produce detailed cost estimates. By including even the smallest detail of the interior in your 3D renderings they, together with your specifications, support your cost estimate for the project.

  • Your furniture selection can be checked in terms of style, fit and functionality before you place any orders and commit financially.

  • You can get immediate feedback from clients and make sure that you are on the same page before sign-off.

  • You can play with ideas and try out different looks.

Final-living room-6.jpg


3d rendering Anna k Studio
Plot 3-day final.jpg
3d modelling
3D plan


Copy of L meeting room 2.jpg
3D Modelling


123__Interactive LightMix_0000(1).jpg
кам6_Interactive LightMix.jpg
доп2_Interactive LightMix.jpg
Bedroom cgi


Please contact us if you feel you need us but are not sure how we work, what information we need from you or what services to use and we will advise you on all matters. We are an experienced team and we are always ready to help our clients.

  • What information you need to send to us for 3D rendering?
    Floor plans and elevations in DWG format(CAD). If you don’t have any, you can order them from us. Moodboards. Any pictures will be helpful. You can send your Pinterest board. If you don’t have pictures or ideas it’s also not a problem, we can help you to figure out what style/colours/material/products will be better for your project. Take a consultation with Anna K. Sketches. If you don’t have ones you can order with us. Additional information can be send: Specifications. We would need a full specification of the materials and products you want to see in your future interior if you want specific products to be visualise. Links and pictures will be helpful. What if you don’t have a full specification? We can help you to create one and recommend what products can be used in your project. Book a consultation with a designer.
  • What is the delivery time?
    Usually we can finish a rendering in three days if we have all needed information. 1-2 weeks for big renderings.
  • How many times I can change the render?
    We want all our clients to be happy, this is why we won’t charge you if you would want to make a minor correction after you receive your 3D visualisation.
  • How much do you charge for renderings?
    We offer competitive quotations. Please submit a simple set of drawings or sketches of your project and we will gladly provide you with an estimate and schedule.
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