Our must-have service for professionals and homeowners allows you to see any interior before building works start. If you want to make sure that the final result will be exactly what you want, this is precisely where 3D visualisation and rendering come into play. The ability to test designs and move beyond 2D floor plans is as great an asset to architects and designers as it is to their clients.  


Get closer to the 3D process

How does it work?


You send us all your ideas (sketches, plans, mood boards).


We create and send you the first render so you can make changes.


You receive the final 3D images of your project.


Once all plans have been agreed between you and your client, you start the process by providing us with all relevant documents. These could be the overall plans, elevations, any comments describing the idea and specifications. 


Based on this information we then create an initial draft for you.


We will discuss this draft with you and introduce any changes you might want to make. When all amendments have been made, we render your images in high res, but not before you are 100% happy with your design.

Who do we work with?


We work with professionals from the design industry and help them to visualise their projects. 

3D rendering is a brilliant way to boost your business and attract more clients. It is also an amazing way to upgrade your portfolio.

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Home Owners

If you have an idea of your future interiors in mind, but you’re struggling to imagine how it will really look, we are here to help bring your 3D visualisation to life.

If you need professional, digital interior design advice, book a consultation with us now.

Frequently asked questions

What information should you send us for 3D rendering?

• Floor plans and elevations in DWG format (CAD). If you don’t have any, you can order them from us. • Mood boards. All pictures are helpful – you can even send us your Pinterest board(s). If you don’t have any pictures or ideas don’t worry, we can help you decide what style/colours/material/products you need for your project. We offer an initial consultation with Anna K, to help you make these key decisions before getting started. • Sketches. Send us your sketches too – but if you don’t have any/can’t draw, you can order with us. Additional information we require: • Specifications. In order for you to visualise your project, we need a full specification of the materials and products you wish to use. Links and pictures are also helpful. But if you don’t have a full specification, we can help you create one and recommend which products to use in your project. Consultation?

What is the delivery time?

If we have all the required information, we can usually finish a rendering of one room in three days. Bigger rendering projects take 1-2 weeks.

How much do you charge for renderings?

We offer competitive quotes. Please submit a simple set of drawings or sketches of your project, and we will gladly provide you with an estimate and schedule.

It is vital that we have all the necessary information before we begin working on your project; if any details (no matter how small) are forgotten, we cannot do our job properly. Therefore, we recommend booking a consultation by phone or in person, to ensure everything runs smoothly from the outset.

Why should we book a consultation?


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