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Interior design sketch


We offer digital sketching services to those of our clients who want to add an artistic touch to their projects.


There are two different ways we could work with you:

  • If you are not sure about the full concept of your project, we can create a quite simple digital sketch. The visualisations will be linear or with a touch of colour. This will allow you to share the overall layout with your client.

  • The other option is a finished and detailed drawing of the interior. When this is done, it’s like a masterpiece - ready to hang on the wall. 

​All sketches are unique and reflect the personal style of Anna K.

digital sketch.JPG
interior sketch.JPG


If you are not sure about your own client’s preferences – then we use simple digital sketching. Visualisations will be linear or enhanced with just a touch of colour.

Interior design sketch


If you want to create a beautiful final drawing of the interior for a client the drawing will be more complex. This kind of sketching is an art form. It takes more time than a simple drawing to create truly beautiful images. When this is done, it’s like a masterpiece ready to be hung on the wall.

Interior design sketch


Please contact us if you feel you need us but are not sure how we work, what information we need from you or what services to use and we will advise you on all matters. We are an experienced team and we are always ready to help our clients.

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