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Living room design 3d


We are a team of talented and experienced professionals from various areas of the design industry, but mainly we are focused on interior design and 3D design. 

When Anna K Studio was set up, there weren’t many women present in the technology driven businesses supporting design, architecture and construction. But things are changing and we are proud to say that in our 3D studio very talented women contribute to our success. We won the trust of some great clients, we have an impressive portfolio and we are confident that the future will bring many more exciting prospects for our growth and development. 


I've worked as an interior designer now for over 10 years and during this time I've had the privilege to work alongside a diverse group of people across a range of projects, different budgets and varied styles.


Having developed my own, unique way of working, I was able to make myself flexible to meet the needs of each individual client using sketches, mood boards, material selections and 3D visualisations to display my work effectively. I found this really helped all my clients to clearly envisage the end result, achieving the best results every time.  


During this journey, I was lucky enough to work with some of the best talents in digital design, which made me realise how valuable this type of service is in the interior design industry. As a result, I assembled a team of skilful and talented professionals who have extensive experience and expertise in the design and architecture industry.


I now work with interior designers and professionals in the property development field to provide them with CAD drawings, 3D visuals and any digital support they might need. Our collaboration gives our partners an opportunity to deliver successful projects on behalf of their client. Our journey and learnings along the way have helped us to shape the fantastic service we provide today. 



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We work with professionals from the design industry and help them to visualise their projects. 

3D rendering is a brilliant way to boost your business and attract more clients. It is also an amazing way to upgrade your portfolio.

Make your design process easier by contacting us.

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If you have an idea of your future interiors in mind, but you’re struggling to imagine how it will really look, we are here to help bring your 3D visualisation to life.

If you need professional, digital interior design advice, book a consultation with us now.

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"Whether you're new to the 3D world and wish to take your business to the next level, or you’re designing your own property . . . I’d love to work with you. Please contact me here."



"I have recently had the pleasure of working with Anna for the first time, on a new project in Camberwell.   The nature of the brief and specification, required detailed and realistic CAD images for both my presentation and joinery designs. I was absolutely delighted with the end result!  Also, the whole process was made very accessible and smooth by Anna, who was both super helpful and supportive.  Anna is a great asset for my business going forward.


I would not hesitate to recommend Anna’s services to others."


Nichola Penman

"I have worked with Anna and her team a few times now and couldn’t be happier with the CGIs they have produced for me. The team at Anna K Studio are patient, thorough, detail oriented and highly skilled. The process is clear and the results produced are second to none. Anna and her team have worked on both interior and exterior projects for me and I am absolutely delighted. I would not hesitate to recommend Anna K Studio."

Emma Robinson

"I've worked with Anna on a few of my interior design projects and her service is second to none. 3D visualisation really brings my designs to life for my clients when they struggle to imagine what the finished look might entail. With Anna's background in interior design, she understands the end goal of each design and thinks about every detail to ensure it's perfect. I couldn't recommend Anna enough if you're looking for perfect visualisations to bring your projects to life."


Georgina Robertson



It is vital that we have all the necessary information before we begin working on your project; if any details (no matter how small) are forgotten, we cannot do our job properly. Therefore, we recommend booking a consultation by phone, to ensure everything runs smoothly from the outset.

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