Digital Sketching – is it worth giving it a go?

Have you considered a digital sketching? Did these questions ever pop into your head: “Do I need to do this? Is it worth it for me?”

In this article, I share my experience from using digital sketching and the benefits, which you might discover after going digital.

First and foremost the question is:

What do I need to start sketching digitally?

The answer is very simple: a tablet, an app and a digital pencil. You can choose the tablet and pencil freely but it is important to check out some reviews before you buy. Some electronic retailers even allow you a limited period, where you can test before you purchase. Regarding apps, again you can test some demo versions before you decide, which is right for you. Personally, I use Procreate and my experience is very positive.

Digital apps allow you to draw on a tablet easier and faster than the traditional paper and pen method. There are quite a few other reasons why you should consider digital sketching. Here some of them:

- Environment

If you want to go paperless a sketching app is definitely for you. It’s not always easy and you have to invest some time to learn about the app. Digital sketching makes it easy to move away from paper and tons of markers, pencils and paints.

- Communication

Digital drawings are more user-friendly for online communication. It takes seconds to drop a sketch on your laptop or phone from where you can instantly post it on social media or send it to a client.

- Reproduction

Should you need a printout, there are options regarding scale, different paper texture, quality and colour. You can make as many copies as you need. At any time.

- Ease of use

You can draw on the go without carrying paper and lots of pencils with you. It's extremely easy to edit or erase details or even a whole layer. You can create different layers and control your progress.

- Speed

You can work much faster and you don't have to wait for layers of paint to dry before starting another one.

- Space Efficiency

If you are working independently and you don’t have a formal study or a dedicated working area at home, digital sketching not only makes things easier for you but also allows you to save space. All you really need on your desk is a tablet.

If all the above ticks your boxes, then you should definitely consider digital sketching.