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A 3D tour allows viewers to discover the interior of buildings and construction plans in a very life-like manner. Potential homebuyers can get a vivid impression of the concept as well as a sense of the interior design during a virtual house walk-through. One of the key benefits of this technology is that virtual tours enable the designers to edit architecture and make the necessary changes until the client is satisfied. It is also a cost-effective solution for marketing projects to potential homeowners.


This technology allows you to virtually explore one room at a time. You can hold the screen and rotate it as you walk through the room. You are able to look up and down or turn around and you can show the screen image side by side with the real thing. For the upgraded experience, you can get inexpensive VR plastic goggles and use these together with your phone for even more of a virtual reality feel.

It also works on a computer but you need a mouse to navigate the 360 experience. 

Another one of the advantages is the usability for websites: once you upload the panorama to a website, the joy-stick tool allows you to experience the room in 360.

360 panorama


Please contact us if you feel you need us but are not sure how we work, what information we need from you or what services to use and we will advise you on all matters. We are an experienced team and we are always ready to help our clients.

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