Digital Services To Consider

A selection of servieces every interior designer should include in their standard offer.

Outsourcing digital work can take a massive weight off a designer’s shoulders. In this article, we are going to cover some very effective ways how Anna K Studio, a digital design service, can support your specialist projects.

1. Graphic design

Before we start working with any client, we need to send them a number of essential documents:

our proposal, including some cost estimates

some company information; for example slides about the team and previous projects

a detailed scope of work for this particular project

To ensure you are going to win this client you need to impress them straight away. One way of doing this is by using professional and impressive templates. And this is where your graphic design experience begins.

I published a useful article on how to create a winning proposal on, where you can download a free template of the proposal.

After you won your client and signed a contract, one of the first steps is research and putting our ideas together. This is where you start creating mood boards, concept boards and colour schemes.

At Anna K Studio we have created a very efficient way to present concept boards to a client. You can find a blog post on this topic - again, a downloadable template is included.

2. Technical drawings

In terms of software, we use AutoCAD as it works well with 3D programmes. Also, it’s the most popular architectural programme, so any time architects send us a file we don’t have to convert to different software. Another advantage is that many furniture manufacturers work with AutoCAD. They always find it helpful when you share a digital source with them.

But AutoCAD is not the only software you can use. Click here to read an article on different software available.

3. Digital sketching

At Anna K Studio we sketch using Procreate, an app specifically designed for tablets. Once the programme is installed all you need is a pencil. 

Personally, I find it easier and faster to draw on an iPad rather than on paper. There are many reasons why and here are some of them:

  • Environment: We are committed to going paperless. Sometimes this is quite hard to do, but Procreate makes it easy not to use paper. 

  • Communication: Digital drawings are more user-friendly for online communication. It takes seconds to drop a sketch on your laptop or phone from where you can instantly post it on social media or send it to a client.

  • Reproduction: Should you need a printout, there are options regarding scale, different paper texture, quality and colour. 

  • Ease of use: You can draw on the go without carrying paper and lots of pencils with you. It's extremely easy to edit or erase details or even a whole layer. You can create different layers and control your progress. 

  • Speed: You can work much faster and you don't wait for layers of paint to dry before starting another one. 

When it comes to working with clients, we have learned that the scenarios can differ: