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How to develop a digital offering as an e-design studio

Over the last few years, our working environment has changed massively to cope with the global pandemic. Now, in 2022, many of our standard office-environment jobs have moved online. This has made interior design more flexible, meaning that you can work from anywhere at any time – you simply need an internet connection.

But, as a designer, it’s difficult to decide whether you should join the growing ranks of people choosing to design online. Moving with the times and integrating digital services can help you grow and expand your own digital design business.

So, Is Digital Design the Right Step Forward?

Opening your small business up digitally can be a massive step. You need to consider what’s involved and just take one step at a time. In today’s market though, going digital can only grow your business and give you a wider customer base. You see, in interior design, it’s no longer the case that you need to deliver hand drawn designs to your clients. Instead, using CAD and 3D rendering services means that you can create your designs digitally and deliver them right to your client’s inbox. It allows you to provide a seamless service with a faster turnaround.

Your First Steps

Some businesses are a little unsure of this change as it’s a huge leap forward. Changing all of your processes to more efficient working may cause an influx of custom which you can’t handle. The trick is to scale up gradually and use a professional service to help you input your knew technologies.

The important thing to remember is that you’ll save money on staff costs, because your new technology breakthrough will mean your staff can work remotely, just like your clients, so you can cut down office space and stationary costs too.

Implementing small changes as you go will allow you to upskill your designers and continue to develop your business maintaining the quality of your projects and generating great reviews and an amazing reputation.

Developing Your Digital Offering

Room, house or venue styling is something that people have always taken for granted as being a service that needed to be carried out in person with physical drawings and colour swatches. However, whether you’re just doing finishing-touch styling, room-by-room designs or a full makeover, there are always ideas that can help you carry out a professional job from a distance using CAD programmes and 3D rendering.

Top Tips:

· This is your opportunity to offer multiple packages and charge different rates for each, instead of having a flat rate. This allows you to upsell if your client likes your work. How about offering a standard remote service where images are provided, but then a premium package with a virtual service with video tour and remote consultation.

· E-design is extremely popular at the moment. For Anna K Studio helping our clients with this type of services was one of the most popular requests. We provide the designers with CAD drawings and mood boards, quite often we would produce 3D renderings packages as well.

· Virtual tours. Being able to display your designs on screen as a digital tour will give your clients a better idea of what the final project will look like.

· Online consultations. You can offer your clients as close as in-person experience as possibly by offering a 30 minutes video calls. This type of services will include usual deliverables after your consultation such as floor plans, shopping list, research, proposals etc You can offer purchasing option, excluding installation.

Digital services like this can help all customers restyle their space, no matter what scale the project is. It’s much more convenient for busier people as they don’t need to wait in for personal visits or put time aside for material shopping. They can do everything while they’re on the go.

Anna K Studio works with designers that are just starting out, helping them to develop professional virtual services using CAD, graphic design tools and 3D visuals and piece together industry standard proposals using a digital portfolio.

Your Prices

Often, with interior design, there isn’t a once-size-fits-all figure. You’ll need to set up packages for the types of projects that you intend to carry out and make each client fully aware at each stage.

The positive with offering digital services is that you can reach a wider audience, meaning you’ll get in touch with people who are happy to pay that little extra for quality.

Together, we at Anna K Studio can help discover industry standard prices and develop a pricing strategy that incorporates our services so you can provide the highest-quality designs to your clients.

Looking to the Future

If you can’t carry out in-person interactions, then you’ll need to be more creative you’re your communications to maintain your customers’ confidence – but that’s what you’re good at right?

Developing digital designs portfolio will clients discover your style and ideas and set their expectations for the final product.

Using online design tools will give you the opportunity to not only bring in the money, but also give you more scope to grow your portfolio and business.

Things to Remember:

- Stay flexible. The world of design is always changing and staying static won’t do you any favours.

- Set the expectations of your clients before you carry out any work. This will help you to gain great reviews later.

- Communicate. Working remotely can sometimes mean that communications fall down, and you can’t let that happen. Constantly update your customer on your progress.

Remember, there are lots of ways that you can deliver an outstanding service using digital design tools. You just need to stay up to date with digital services and constantly move with the times to stay on top of your game. Putting pen to paper isn’t always the way forward, but if digital media isn’t your strong point, enlist the help of a professional service like the Anna K Studio who can help you move with the times and support you in doing what you do best.


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