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1. Don’t specialize

2. Keep your desk neat, clean, and empty. This means you are staying on top of everything.

3. Treat employees and clients the way you would like to be treated by them

4. Return every e-mail, phone call, and fax the same day it arrives regardless of where you are in the world

5. Before giving birth to anything physical, ask yourself if you have created an original idea, an original concept, or if there is any real value in what you disseminate

6. Know everything about the history of your profession and then forget it all when you design something new

7. Never say ‘I could have done that’ because you didn’t.

8. To be is to build

9. Unveil an actuality – create a surprise, a phenomenological event

10. Good Karma

11. Observe everything, everyone, AND EVERY MOMENT

12. Work is fun, beautiful and rewarding

13. Don’t work with someone if you sense different views, or because you believe there is potential because there probably isn’t

14. There is not potential in everything or every project

15. Don’t work on your weaknesses, work on your strengths

16. If you do not like your job, quit!

17. Laziness is the anti-Christ

18. If you are not talented, do something else

19. Reduce the carbs – take the fillers out of your life

20. Carry one credit card and no coins

21. Own 30 pairs of same color socks and 30 pairs of the same colored underwear so that socks always match, and do your laundry every month 

22. For everything you buy, you must give away the same thing– so you always stay at equilibrium and never accumulate more than you need

23. Don’t consume or overeat because you are depressed

24. Consume experiences, not things

25. Do 6 things at once (multi-task), then you will never be bored

26. Don’t use words like taste, class, boredom, style, ugly, or mass

27. Pleasure is more psychological than physical

28. Minimalism is boring – sensual minimalism is friendly

29. More is more

30. Form follows subject / object follows subject

31. Don’t dream it, be it

32. Celebrate technology

33. Normal is not good

34. Never be satisfied with your work

35. Perseverance, consistency, and rigor form success

36. Being famous should not be a priority – work should be

37. Pay your dues – learn from others

38. There are 3 types of beings – those who create culture, those who buy culture, and those who don’t give a shit about culture. Move between the first two.

39. Work is life

40. Think extensively, not intensively

41. Think Relaxed, not rigid

42. Omni Vincent Amor, Omni Vincent Amok (*translation: Love conquers all, love conquers all things)

43. Experience is the most important part of living, and the exchange of ideas, and human contact is all life really is. Space and objects can encourage increased experiences or distract from our experiences.

44. Be the change you want to see in the world (Gandhi)

45. Edit your life

46. Addition by subtraction

47. Think before you endorse

48. There is no more brand allegiance – brandump

49. The past is pointless

50. Here and now is all we’ve got


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